Mold Removal Arizona

When approaching a mold removal and cleaning project, one of the most important considerations is the potential risk from mold exposure. Mold counts in the air can be 10 to 1,000 times higher than normal during a removal or cleaning project. Because of the potential health risks from mold exposure, it is advisable, particularly for larger (greater than 30 square feet) contamination situations, to contact a mold remediation contractor. Individuals who have allergies, asthma or respiratory disease; are immunosuppressed; or have other health problems should not take part in a during mold removal/cleaning project or be in the general area of the project.


As a consultant with expensive mold experience, Arizona Environemental Services works only the best mold remediation contractors. They can put you in contact with reputable a dependable mold remediation companie to ensure your project is performed in a safe manner. Please call 480.862.3123

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