Transite Asbestos

Transite is a trade name for Johns-Manville asbestos-cement products made to specific formulations.

Over 95% of the chrysotile asbestos fiber mined worldwide is mixed with cement to form roofing, siding, pipes and many more products. These products have been used for decades throughout the world, but due to bans on their use in many countries they are now marketed primarily in developing countries.

“Transite” is now a name in which our industry labels most, if not all cement asbestos containing building materials. Some examples of these materials are:

  1. Corrugated siding and roofing
  2. Water distribution piping
  3. Residential siding
  4. Electrical Ducting
  5. Cooling towers
  6. Flu and HVAC ducting

The only method to determine if your cement building material is asbestos or not is to have it sampled and analyzed for asbestos.

So far I have found very little subsurface water pipe that did not contain asbestos. I’ve even seen it used instead of drywall on the interior of laboratories to create wall systems resilient to chemical and fire.


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